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Growing forests are extremely valuable for the climate, for our shift towards a non-fossil-based society as well as to our economy. In order to create a healthy and lucrative forest that can cope with increasing future demands and challenges, certain forestry actions are required in which pre-commercial thinning is the most important one. Studies show that pre-commercial thinning today suffers from an acute shortage of available workforce with necessary qualifications. This project investigates the possibilities of creating a forest machine that can perform pre-commercial thinning autonomously.


CURO is a fully autonomous robot that carries out pre-commercial thinning in young forest stands. It is designed to be agile and compact to be able to move around easily in the forest. For an autonomous forest machine to be able to perform successfully in a difficult terrain, lots of data is needed. Information about the forest is gathered over time when different forestry actions are carried out in the area. This information is shared with CURO. It combines all the collected information with data perceived from its own sensors to make the best suitable decision for each individual forest stand.


- Enables that a greater area of pre-commercial thinning can be performed each year.

- No need of forestry workers.

- Higher quality and efficiency of work performed.

- Creates a healthy and lucrative future forest.