Pilot - Streaming for beginners

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To broadcast live media to the viewer, more known as streaming, has grown in popularity a tremendous amount the last few years. How can we make it easier for people to start streaming? The product’s purpose is to offer the correct functions that makes it possible and easy for anyone to share their passion with the entire world. Letting anyone in the world not just watch you, but also be a part of the experience. The end result is a conceptual starter kit for streaming that gives the user a personal and positive experience when starting out as a streamer.

Inspiration and Method

To view streamed media online has quickly become the superior method to consume entertainment. With the accessability to watch our favourite movies, series and shows have never been easier, with websites like Netflix and HBO this undisturbed almost advert-free media taken over how people spend their leisure.

With the huge growth of online video streaming, the fenomenon of "live streaming" has grown as well, and keeps growing. One of the largest platforms for this is Twitch.


The result of my project is a starter kit for live streaming. Making it easier for people to start streaming and share their passions with the entire world, in a live media format. It includes the essential products and functions you need to get started. It's built from a plug and play perspective, making the installation easy. It also has functions that support you as a streamer when connecting with your viewers.