Rolls-Royce Hyperborea

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The Rolls-Royce Hyperborea explores the boundaries of transportation design by offering a fully serviced travel, a revival of the Grand Tour.
The background is built by the facts that our next generations will cope with many inventions where humans will become obsolete. Autonomous driving, parallel realities and big data assisted products are already upcoming. In order to avoid becoming and feeling superfluous, mankind will search for meaning in their existence. This thesis tackles these topics and explores a new holistic experience with Rolls-Royce as a base while envisioning a user traveling a long-distance journey for enlightenment purposes. The quest for enlightenment undertaken in the Hyperborea is a journey of learning in terms of self evolution. The goal is to get in touch with the inner self, to see and understand the bigger picture - becoming enlightened in a state of bliss.

Inspiration and Method

Tracing back human life through the centuries reveals that by nature humans have always had the impulse to travel out of curiosity and to find out what lays beyond the horizon. Hereby each generation has contributed to the means of transportation as we know it today.
In the 18th century humans have endeavoured travel with the goal to become enlightened for the first time. The Grand Tour was a formative experience for the British youth as part of their education by undertaking a rite of passage through continental Europe. Exposed to the cultural legacy of classical antiquity and the Renaissance many adventures occurred during these travels. Travellers would document, consume and create tokens along the travel and on their return would present these to the less fortunate, who stayed at home, and demonstrate their enlightened and grown minds.
This urge to explore and discover the unconcealed has accompanied humankind up to the present.


The revival of the Grand Tour undertaken in the ‘Rolls-Royce Hyperborea’ starts out at Goodwood to familiarise the travellers with the vehicle and the Rolls-Royce heritage. The grand tourists get to create their own constellations of carefully picked and curated activities and sights and thus create their own tailored adventure. Starting out with exploring continental Europe, the overall route takes the travellers though Denmark up to Norway until they reach the polar region, the peak destination of the tour. The travel through and the prolonged stay in nature aims to evoke the journey of the inner self towards enlightenment.
The Hyperborea explores interior architectures and the possibilities that come along with autonomous driving by redefining the classical archetype of the Granturismo as we know it today. The flexible interior lay-out offers three different modes with unique features to stimulate the occupants in creating a lasting visceral experience. The main element is a rotary platform representing the authentic transformation between mindsets and thus interior interactions and experiences. Key features like a modular travellers suitcase, easily replaced and serviced by the crew from outside, or the floating dashboard, storing daily accoutrements, are spread out over the interior to ensure a pleasing experience for the occupants and have a strong connection to the journey which the car is specially designed for. By swivelling into the different modes, a variety of positions encourage diverse states of mind to stimulate the body and soul of the travellers to open up and enter enlightenment throughout the journey.