UID21 hosted talks with invited special guests Imogen Pierce (Head of City Engagement & Integration at ARRIVAL), Søren Rosenbak (Design Lead at Laerdal Medical) and Martina Starke (Studio Director at BMW Designworks).

  Imogen Pierce WebImogen Pierce works at electric vehicle company Arrival where she spends time looking at the future of mobility and sussing out how electric vehicle companies should work in partnership with cities. Prior to Arrival, Imogen worked at Jaguar Land Rover where she began life as an aerodynamicist before running the company's technology and innovation comms.

Soren Rosenbak WebDr. Søren Rosenbak is Design Lead at Laerdal Medical, where he is designing for the future of virtual simulation in healthcare education. Søren defended his doctoral thesis "The Science of Imagining Solutions: Design Becoming Conscious of Itself Through Design" at UID in early 2019, showcasing how design shapes the human sense of what is possible, conceptually and literally. 

   Martina Starke WebMartina Starke is the Director of the Munich Studio of Designworks, the design innovation studio for the BMW Group that also works across industries. In this role she is in charge of the Studio's design vision and daily operations leading a versatile, international and multi disciplinary team. With a main focus on human centered design and human interaction, with strategic thinking and a holistic design approach, Martina stimulates her teams to create innovative design concepts for business partners inside and outside the automotive industry.