Eva-Lena Bäckström

BW Eva-Lena BäckströmLecturer in design
E-mail: eva-lena.backstrom@umu.se
Phone: +46 70 840 5886


Industrial designer, Stockholm

1989 -2002: Formbolaget ID AB, Stockholm Sweden
Founder, partner and consultant industrial designer

2004-2007: EGOptiska AB, Stockholm Sweden
Design director

2009-2011: Scandinavian Eyewear AB, Jönköping Sweden
Design manager

2002- WRD Stockholm, Stockholm Sweden
Founder, consultant industrial designer

What I do at UID

Lecturer on BFA level.


Design methods and applied colouring.

Artistic development work

During 2014-2014 I have been working 20% with an artistic development work project: THE UNEXPECTED MEETING - How to create unique colour choices for products.

Commercial trend forecasts have a significant influence on the choice of colours for products.  Because of the self-confidence in these general predictions they are convincing, and the risk is that the process of choosing the colour is outside the designers influence.

To argue and defend the designer position, the designer have to master the process of choosing colour and increase awareness of the importance of the colour selection of the product.

In this work I deepen and defend the designer perspective by examining three criteria of colour and product. The areas that I involve in the process are: Product characteristics, user requirements and context. These criteria are not usually taken in to account in the commercial colour trend forecasts, but may be crucial to the outcome of the product.

I'm looking for a framework for colour selection independent of commercial colour trends testing different methods to promote experiment with colour. In my work, I want to see what happens when the colouring process involves both chance and control, and evaluate the value it may have in teaching.

Talk to me about:

- Your project - if you're stuck!
- How to frame a problem in the analysis phase of your project.
- Doing different kind of image boards and communicating soft values.
- All things related to color and how to communicate and build a strategy in the coloring process.

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