Rickard Åström

Rickard Astrom BWResearch engineer, running the interaction Lab, ass. IT-support
E-mail: rickard.astrom@umu.se
Phone: +46 90 786 70 71


Coming from a background in computer engineering, web coding, project management, database management, commercials and education I assembled a profile fitting nicely with my role here at UID.

What I do at UID

I run the interaction Lab where students and staff are welcome to explore and prototype using technology. Some get to do that as part of the education, some can sign up for introductions courses, but all are welcome to the resources ranging from gadgets like tablets, Kinect, sound equipment, lights etc. all the way to basic electrical components like buttons, leds, motors and microprocessors. All to foster a better understanding on the limitations and opportunities of technology, and to help convey properties of design that a simple image or video will not convey.


I'm involved in classes with the master programs of Interaction design and Advanced product design where I both teach and tutor, and teach anyone who signs up for the introduction lectures that any UID student/staff can enjoy.