Tomas Lindehell

BW Tomas LindehellLecturer in CAD & CAID
Phone: +46 90 786 9361

Course web pages:

Master Level Advanced Product Design:
Advanced SolidWorks Surfacing
CAID 1 Advanced level step 1 Autodesk Alias modeling
CAID 2 Advanced level step 2 Autodesk Alias modeling

Master Level Transportation:
CAID 1 Advanced level step 1 Autodesk Alias modeling
CAID 2 Advanced level step 2 Autodesk Alias modeling

Bachelor Level:
3D-scanning, Milling & Rapid Prototyping

Single subject courses:
SketchUp Introduktion


Born in Umeå and also grew up here. Except for four years, studying, in Stockhom I have been faithful to my roots. With a genuine interest in mechanics, electronics and the urge to simplify the life around me I decided to study engineering. 1990 I graduated from the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, with a Master of Science in Engineering specialized in the field of hydraulic and pneumatics. With a newborn knowledge on how to construct and control heavy mechanical equipment with just tiny small embedded systems (computers) brought me to the forest machine company Komatsu Forest (formely Valmet Logging). Automatic cabin leveling system (AutoLev), an environmentally friendly chain oil system (Eco Oiler), color marking system and a patent for an automatic chain saw tension with a quick change feature for harvesters are some examples of the work done during those exciting 8,5 years.  UDK, IT-consultant firm just next to UID, became my next step. Late 1999 the Umeå Institute of Design, UID, searched for a new CAD & CAID lecturer. And now having the possibility to forward the cutting edge 3D-software knowledge to inspired students is hard to beat!


What I do at UID

I mostly teach, mainly in areas related to 3D-softwares and visualization:
- Surface modeling, with NURBS, Autodesk AutoStudio (known as "Alias")
- Visualization and rendering still images and animations with Keyshot, Autodesk ShowCase and Alias
- Advanced surface modeling with SolidWorks
- Export for Milling, IGES and STEP, to be able to make milled prototypes
- Prepare for Rapid Prototyping, RP ( friformsframställning fff)
- What is polygon modeling? Autodesk Mudbox, Autodesk Meshmixer, Netfabb basic, MeshLab, Makehuman
- I'm also involved in "Hands on work" with milling machines and the MasterCam software to get the pieces out.
- Introduction to SketchUp which is a marvelous 3D-software with impressive possibilities.
- 3D-scanning of objects with laser, VIUscan, IR IPad scanner or just a camera (mobile phone).
- And of course put everything together!


At Audi UNIverse, UID students presented Umeå University and their different individual concepts for the entire design team and leadership from Audi.

  • Tomas Lindehell awarded with the Faculty of Science and Technology's pedagogical prize in 2012

    "Tomas Lindehell has an outstanding talent in connecting with all students, regardless of their level of education or prior knowledge. He pays attention to the students' unique needs and potential, still keeping the benefits of group processes. He is open to new educational practices and solutions, and enables the students participate as co-creators in the learning process." Read more

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